"Nurse Heals Through Song" Star Phoenix Article with Cathy Graham

“Nurse heals through song” Star Phoenix Interview with Cathy Graham

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Cathy Graham - Star Phoenix Article - October 2014

Cathy Graham – Star Phoenix Article – October 2014

I can’t remember the exact date that I was interviewed by Stephanie McKay from the Star Phoenix. The article was about my journey to fulfill a lifelong dream. That dream was to have songs which I had written be professionally produced in Nashville. We discussed some of my history, my fears as I followed my dream and the new CD entitled “Heart of a Prairie Girl”.

I was very surprised when I purchased the paper the morning of my CD release party! Almost a full page with the wonderful title “Nurse Heals Through Song”. How appropriate that title was for it has been, and continues to be, a healing process for me. An absolute joy for me to finally be doing the things I dreamt of doing so very long ago.

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