New Music Video By Cathy Graham – I Call It Home

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Cathy Graham – I Call it Home (Lyric Video)

A song that tells of the province and the people that I hold dear to my heart. Living in Saskatchewan there is much to be thankful for.


The beauty that my granddad saw it still remains

From northern forests, lakes and streams down to the rolling plains

Land etched by rivers that flow gently past wheat fields standing tall

A canvas rich with color changes with seasons from winter to fall


Saskatchewan land of endless prairie skies so blue

Your sunrise takes away my breath just as your sunsets do

Born here I choose to stay you’ll never find me far away

Here’s where I feel free wide open spaces beckon me Saskatchewan

The spirit of the pioneer it lives to this day

An honest handshake the hard work’s done that’s just the prairie way

When times get tough they pull together to see you through

That’s what this province is known for, it’s what they gladly do



Friendly faces, country I love to roam

You say you’d call it a dream..I call it home