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My Story – Part 2

Cathy Graham Musings, News

I was so filled with enthusiasm on my return to Saskatoon. Of course one likes to think that there will be no problems that will arise in the finishing of the CD.

I was thrilled with the quality of the tracks from Nashville and couldn’t wait to complete the project.

I got in touch with my niece Jamie who had previously sung lead on my single. She is a busy little mom to three girls and she was unable to go to Nashville to record the vocals. I got hold of Buddy Hyatt and said to him “ I have these wonderful tracks and I don’t know what I am going to do.” Buddy stated that he would take care of the project and me. Those words did calm me down. This man has been in the industry for a long time. Now to find a plan B.

My confidence in my own vocals was not very good. I was definitely willing to give my best try but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think….what if?? Buddy sent vocal tracks for two singers that I could choose from. I had decided on the one I wanted but then realized that if I had a Canadian singer that I would have more Canadian content for the CD. I joked that I needed a Canadian singer to be able to pronounce the word Saskatchewan. Buddy knew of a Canadian singer. I went to her website. She had a beautiful voice. Tania Hancheroff would be the singer on my CD.

I wanted to finish the vocals on my next trip to Nashville. My plans were to go down near Christmas. They say the Christmas lights are fantastic.

In November I had a TIA (mini stroke) while going to work a night shift. I was a good example for “what not to do” in a situation like this. Stubborn nurse. Actually, like many people, I didn’t feel the signs and symptoms were that serious. They subsided quite quickly and I forgot about it. I thank God He saw me through my stupidity and when I did get the CT of the brain it was normal. Many joked that they didn’t believe the results!! I needed changes/additions to medications but the worst was that I could not travel until cleared by the doctor.

There is a silver lining to every cloud. Who would have believed that something good would come out of this situation? While I was on stress leave from work I was able to finish one song (Phoenix From The Ashes) that had been ninety percent finished for many years. One other song (Strike Two) was in need of a bridge that had eluded me for months.

Buddy was kind enough to wait for me to come down to finish the CD. It got a bit tense for me when they said that they might need to finish the project without me. I was able to go to Nashville in March/14. On this trip my friend Ruth Coles accompanied me.

We recorded the instrumental tracks for the two new songs and, as always, it was a joy to watch the whole process of making music. All vocal tracks were recorded at Buddy’s home studio. Tania amazed me with her vocal prowess. I was informed that she sings background vocals at the Grand Ole Opry. Wow. Buddy could not have found a more perfect vocalist than Tania.

I had the pleasure of seeing Tania perform at the Opry. Buddy arranged for backstage passes for Ruth and I. He was going to accompany us but the poor man got food poisoning that day. He was a terrible shade of gray. Ruth and I did enjoy the show.

So now the CD would have a total of 10 songs. Bonus. Tracks in hand I flew back home.