Manitou Lake Canada Day Concert 2017

Manitou Lake Celebration Concert Performance

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Growing up in the Marsden/Neilburg area of Saskatchewan our farm overlooked Manitou Lake. This body of alkaline water was, and still is, a big part of my life. All of my swim lessons took place here. I love water!

One thing I always looked forward to was the July 1 celebration held at the park at Manitou Lake. As time has passed the celebrations are no longer held on a yearly basis. Fortunately, this year, a group of hard working, dedicated people all pulled together to throw a wonderful party to celebrate 150 years our great country Canada.

As part of the entertainment I was able to get on stage twice. I was able to perform some of the songs on my CD “Heart Of A Prairie Girl”. My cousins Hazel and Debbie sang with me and, as always, did a wonderful job.

I was also able to perform with Relative Harmony. A few years back we sang together frequently so it felt good to, once again, sing with them.