Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Second Trip to Nashville

Cathy Graham News

My second trip to Nashville. A lot of time has passed but a lot of things have transpired in that time.

My niece Jamie cannot travel to Nashville to do the vocals and that is where I have decided that I want to have them done. She has three small girls that she is home schooling and a husband that is very busy. She feels she just can’t find the time. I have asked Buddy to find a vocalist for me and he gives me two tracks to listen to. I then ask if he knows a Canadian singer that might live in Nashville. Tania Hancheroff is the name I am given. I google her name and listen to her singing. This is my gal!!

I have had some health issues that have caused me to delay my trip twice. I was going to go down in October and then again in December. There is a chance that they may want to record vocals without me being there. I will do anything to be there so that I will get the songs done the way that I hear them in my head.

One good thing that came out of this long wait is that the bridges came to me for two songs that have been inside my head for years. Bridges are the hardest parts of songs for me to complete. So there is a silver lining in the delays. Actually these songs, I feel, are two of the strongest of the ten.