Cathy Graham Recording "Heart of a Prairie Girl" Album in Nashville, Tennessee

Arriving at the Tracking Room in Nashville

Cathy Graham News

I arrive at The Tracking Room. We are to record the instrumentals for eight songs. To say the least I am very nervous. I met with Buddy Hyatt yesterday and went over the songs. At that meeting he created the charts for the musicians to play from. It is all so new and interesting to me.

These guys are so professional and know their music inside and out. The really big fear is that I am going to try to do the vocals for as many songs as I can. I am worried that my voice will not be there when I need it. Yes I will be singing to my songs but what I am hearing through the headphones is a totally new arrangement. It will all be new to me. Suck it up girl. Go big or go home.

The studio seems very big. There are lots of individual rooms for acoustic instruments and vocals and one larger room where the drums and electric instruments are played.  You should see the board in the control room where the engineer does his thing!! Take a big breath. I am put in to the sound booth. Here we go. A whirlwind of activity and in two and a half hours my songs are complete!